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Theresa Alt introduces debut novel, ‘Survival Skills’

Science-fiction tale follows young woman as she navigates new world

MARION, Iowa – With the help of her professor, Dr. Franklin, and her best friend, Ashley, Christy survives a change in the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere that wipes out most of the world’s population. After Christy discovers that Dr. Franklin’s new rule prevents her from helping those most in need, she and Ashley leave the fledgling community and set out in search of their families.

In “Survival Skills” (published by WestBow Press), Christy wades through this new and unfamiliar world and struggles to find new purpose for her life. With Ashley and God by her side, Christy will overcome as she searches for her lost family.

Focused on the strength of friendship and family, author Theresa Alt wants every reader to see that they are created for a purpose and that the notion of “home” can have many meanings.

“It is my hope that when you read Survival Skills you are reminded that God created you for a purpose and that, no matter how dark things appear, God is still working on our world,” Alt says.

“Survival Skills”
By Theresa Alt
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 286 pages | ISBN 9781512710816
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 286 pages | ISBN 9781512710823
E-Book | 286 pages | ISBN 9781512710830

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Theresa Alt Books

About the Author               

Theresa Alt has always had a passion for the written word and its power to move people. Now, as a physical therapist working with geriatric patients, she delights in the words of wisdom shared between generations. At home in Marion, Iowa, Alt pursues many creative endeavors including: acting, dancing, and playing the flute and piano.

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Head Shot


If my book became a movie…


I haven’t gotten a movie deal yet, but if Survival Skills were made into a movie, the trailer might look something like this:


Want to read more? Stop by to order your very own copy.

Special thanks to Bridget Schmitt, who produced this trailer!

Check out the opening scene of my book, “Survival Skills.”


Chapter 1 Excerpt

My heart was racing, and I was barely breathing. I couldn’t see the man, but I knew he had a loaded gun, cocked and ready, pointed right at me.

“Walk up to the wall.”

I inched forward, arms held high. I was grateful he hadn’t pulled the trigger but reluctant to move farther away from my only escape route.

“Turn around and sit down.”

I complied. I felt an overwhelming urge to run as fast as I could away from this place I had searched so hard to find. But I knew I was being watched. So I stayed where I was, looking and listening for any sign of the man with the gun.

A muffled voice commanded, “Don’t move.”

Startled by the voice, which sounded like it was right behind me, I turned my head and came face-to-face with the barrel of a gun. The face of the man holding the gun was obscured by what looked like a gas mask.

Someone yanked my backpack off me, almost pulling me over. When I tried to turn to see who it was, the masked man pressed the gun to my temple. Within seconds I was blindfolded, and my wrists and ankles were bound tightly with duct tape.

“You will stay here until the Council decides what to do with you,” the muffled voice said, gruffly.

I heard the crunch of departing footsteps, leaving me completely alone and completely helpless. I started to cry. I was convinced that what I was looking for was on the other side of the wall behind me. But now I had little hope of reaching it. In all likelihood, I would be executed right there on the forest floor, with the object of my search just beyond my reach.