Advent Reflection: God’s Faithfulness Throughout History


“Arise, bless the Lord, your God, from eternity to eternity!”

“And may they bless your glorious name, which is exalted above all blessing and praise.”

Nehemiah 9:5b

Recall times in your life when you have experienced God’s faithfulness, mercy, and generosity.


Going Deeper

Read Nehemiah 9:5-32.

We have spent our Advent season looking back at the history of God’s people, from creation up to the prophecies about Emmanuel, God with us. In this passage from Nehemiah, the Levites do the same, reminding the people of their history and pointing out that, through it all, God has been faithful to his promises, merciful and forgiving when the people turned away, and just and generous, providing for their needs.

We can benefit from doing the same thing, looking back on our own lives.

Make a list of the major events and seasons in your life. Look over that list and write down how God was working in your life during each of those times. (It’s okay if some of them are blank. We know that God wasn’t MIA during those times. He just hasn’t revealed to us yet how he was working.)

close up of footprints in the sand at sunset

Take that list to God in prayer. Thank God for his faithfulness throughout your life. If there are periods in your life when it seemed like God was far away, talk to him about it. Let God know that you trust him to guide you through the current chapter in your life. Communicate your confidence that he will be with you wherever life takes you in the future.


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