Christmas Reflection: Jesus is the Key of David


I will place the key of the House of David on his shoulder;

what he opens, no one will shut, what he shuts, no one will open.

Isaiah 22:22


Think about the times in your life when God has opened or closed a door for you unexpectedly.

Going Deeper

Read Matthew 16:15-19, and Revelation 3:7-8.

The image of Jesus as the Key of David brings to mind the old saying “When God closes a door, he opens a window.” Have you seen doors closed in your life—paths you planned to take that suddenly became unavailable to you?

There’s a quote from the Lee Roy Parnell song “I’m Holding my Own” that I see as a rephrasing of the old saying. It goes like this: “There’s two sides to every door.” I like that version. When a door closes, instead of looking for an open window or another way out, I need to stop and look around. Maybe I’m already right where I’m supposed to be.

Jesus, thank you for your guidance in my life. Thank you for opening and closing all of the right doors. I’m confident that you know what’s best for me.


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