Jesus is Emmanuel


Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign; the young woman, pregnant and about to bear a son, shall name him Emmanuel.

Isaiah 7:14

What signs have you seen that show you God is here with us, not just watching from a distance?


Going Deeper

Read Matthew 1:18-25.

The name Emmanuel means God with us. Truly, when Jesus came to earth, we were aware that God was right there with us in a way we hadn’t experienced since the Garden of Eden. Even though Jesus no longer walks among us, we know that God is still with us. During the Last Supper, Jesus promised that, after his death, the Holy Spirit would be sent by the Father, in Jesus’ name, to remain with us (John 14:26).

Imagine that Jesus was walking the earth today. He holds a rally in your town. You attend because, well, it’s Jesus Christ. When will you ever get that close to someone who is that famous? As Jesus enters the stadium, he spots you and walks right up to you. “I’m coming to your house for supper today,” he says with a warm smile.

Sitting together at the dinner table, what would you say to Jesus? What questions would you ask him? If he decided to stay for a few days, how would that change your routine? What would you do differently in your work? Your home life? Your free time?

God is that close to us. All the time. How does that knowledge change how you live your life?


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