I love what comes next!


In April, I was blessed with the opportunity to play the role of Kate Keller, Helen Keller’s mom, in the play The Miracle Worker. After eight weeks of rehearsals and three weekends of performances, we knew the show inside and out. It was a great feeling to have that level of confidence, and it allowed me to explore even more deeply my character’s emotions and interactions.

During the performances, each time I left the stage my mind turned toward the next scene. Initially I was focused on making sure I had the props I needed and remembering where and when I needed to make my next entrance. At the end of the run, when these concerns were all second nature to me, I found my mind turning in a different direction. As I exited the stage and thought about the next scene, my response every time was “Yay! I love what comes next.” I couldn’t wait to work with the other actors to bring the next scene to life.

That got me thinking, what would happen if I approached all of life with the same attitude I had during the play. Could I respond with “Yay! I love what comes next,”

  • when my alarm rings on Monday morning?
  • when I receive a mid-afternoon text letting me know I have several more hours of work before I get to go home?
  • when I see the pile of dirty dishes in my kitchen sink?
  • when I’m putting on my exercise shoes?

Attitude can make such a difference in your life. Is there something in your life that you have to do, but you dread every time? Try changing the way you think about it. The more you think and talk about things in a positive light (even if at first you don’t believe what you’re telling yourself), the better you will feel about the dreaded activity.

Do you need some help to get started? Try replacing “I have to” statements with “I get to” statements. Here’s an example:

What do you get to do this week?


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