Finding God in the Busyness



I know what you’re thinking–There is so much to do before Christmas. I have to get it all done. I can work on getting my priorities straight in January when things slow down.

The expectations of our family and friends and the pressures of society can make it hard to say “no” to the busyness of the Advent season. Sometimes we can’t declutter our calendars and to-do lists as much as we would like.

Listen to Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Do Everything”

Little stuff, big stuff, in between stuff

God sees it all the same.

And while I may not know you,

I bet I know you wonder sometimes

does it matter at all.

Well let me remind you it all matters

just as long as you do everything you do

to the glory of the One who made you.

No matter how important or insignificant your daily activities seem, offer them up for the glory of God. Pray your way through the shopping and cleaning and wrapping and cooking. Dedicate your holiday activities to God.

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